Paleo Plus?

Hey Friend,

So the other day a friend of mine was asking what it is that eat on a day to day basis.

I started explaining my diet to him and half way through he said…

“So you’re on Paleo.”

For a second I almost got offended… I mean no self respecting muscle head would ever go so low as to get in on a fad diet… Right?

Well, I stopped myself right before…

I started calling him and his mother nasty names and thought about it for a minute.


You know what?… I basically AM on a Paleo diet.

I mean… I don’t eat processed foods. I avoid dairy as much as I can. I don’t eat wheat or cereal grains. I eat lots of meat, eggs, nuts, and healthy fats.

But then I though about it some more and then I also realized that…

I eat way more carbs than their diet allows in the form of… Wait… I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.

I have to first say that if you are trying to build any kind of muscle…

Strict Paleo will NOT work for you.

Your body needs glycogen to build muscle… Period.

Glycogen is basically just carbs that have been broken down by your body and stored in your muscles for energy, size and strength.

Paleo is pretty solid at it’s core but if you want it to be an effective muscle building diet then you are going to have to add in some “Non Authorized” foods.

I also take a bit of an issue with their macro nutrient breakdown (amount of carbs, protein and fat you consume each day) or to be more specific…

Their lack of a standardized macro nutrient breakdown.

You wanna know the trick to gaining mass amounts of man muscle?

It’s diet and you HAVE to get it right.
Everyone is different but you need a good solid place to start.

If you’d like for me to personally to go over your own unique macro nutrient breakdown with you… I’m currently doing some free 30 minute consults if your interested. (Not sure how long I’m going to be doing these things but if you want more info then just click this link… Coaching Program).

So now…

If you don’t already know…

Paleo is based on the idea that you should consume the same things as our Paleolithic ancestors.

That basically means… what we used to eat before we started growing our own food or raising animals for slaughter on a mass scale.

The argument is that our digestive systems haven’t evolved enough to be able to handle things like wheat and dairy.

Lots of experts disagree with this hypothesis and say that we can handle milk and bread just fine but just to be on the safe side…

I cut them out anyway (except protein powder… I get the lactose free kind).

There is a lot of debate on either side of the Paleo issue and they are all VERY passionate about the whole affair…


I honestly couldn’t care less about what people used to eat before I was born.

I deal in results.

You could argue back and forth all day about what causes illness and obesity or you could just go and try some things… Monitor your results… and adjust accordingly for optimum results.

Now since this is a muscle building site…

Our optimum results are…


Building Muscle.

And to that end – Lets take a look at my newly patented Paleo Plus Platinum Training Program (kidding).

But seriously here is a short list of foods that I would not be afraid to add to a Paleo diet.

Brown Rice
Brown Rice Powder
Sweet Potatoes
Jasmine Rice

On the flip side… I would take out a lot of the fruit that they recommend. Fruit is high in sugar (other than berries which you should have every once in a while).

Go ahead and watch this video for more info on my take on fruit…

Now the problem with adding in some of these carb sources is that if you aren’t careful they will make you fat.

That’s why I recommend a carb cycling type diet for the best results.

You carb up on days that you are going to lift so that you have the strength to push up a lot of weight.

You then cut back on carbs on cardio days so that you lose fat.

It’s a win… win.

The downside is that it can be complicated to setup a carb cycling diet so if you have any questions about it you can signup for a free 30 minute phone consult with me personally… Coaching Program

(If I’m still doing them when you read this article.)

Alright My Friend…

Till Next Time…

Take Care,
Steven J

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