Isopure Zero Carb Review

Hey Friend,

Today I’d like to talk to you about protein powders and specifically about Isopure Zero Carb.

Now, there are a ton of different powders on the market and I’ve tried many of them.

Some of them good… Some of them absolutely terrible.

Not just in terms of taste but some of them are ridiculously high in sugar (especially certain weight gainers).

On that note let me give you the quick rundown of the different types of protein powders and when to use them (or not use them)…

Whey – This is the standard protein that most people use. Most whey products have lactose in them which is a simple sugar and causes problems with people who are lactose intolerant. (Isopure is lactose free but we’ll get into that in a minute.)

Whey from Grass Fed Cows – The organic choice. Very expensive.

Casein – Casein is a slow digesting protein. It releases a steady stream of nutrients into your body and is good for recovery. You typically don’t need casein if you are just starting out. Some bodybuilders drink a casein protein shake before bed because it is slow digesting and it gets them through their 8 hour sleep cycle.

Soy Protein – Soy is popular among vegetarian and vegan bodybuilders. This is not as complete a protein as whey but if you have no other choice then it will have to do. Soy is also reported to increase estrogen (the female hormone) so many lifters avoid it.

MRP – MRP stands for meal replacement powder and is basically just protein powder with some carbs added in. Myoplex from EAS is an example of an MRP. I typically don’t recommend MRP’s because you can just add in your own healthy carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, brown rice powder, etc., which is a better source of carbohydrates then what they put into MRP’s.

Weight Gainers – Weight gainers are shit. They are loaded with sugar and will make you fat. Don’t fall into this trap like I did.

Okay so now that you have an idea of what the different options are lets talk some more about Isopure Zero Carb (IZC for short).

IZC is a lactose free, sugar free isolate protein.

The term isolate refers to the way it is processed and it yields a higher percentage of pure protein than the other methods of processing.

Isopure can be used for your year round protein choice but where it really shines is when you are cutting body fat.

That’s because it contains no sugar and no carbs. This is especially important when you are on a Keto diet (zero carb diet).

When you are dropping fat you need to tightly control the amount of carbs you are taking in so that you can quickly lower your body fat percentage.

It’s also high in BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids).

BCAA’s are great for preserving muscle while you are cutting.

Now if you are super skinny you might not need IZC because you need all the carbs you can get (yes even sugar for the guy with a super high metabolism).

-But- if you are at all concerned with losing body fat (or avoiding fat gains while on a bulk) then IZC is an excellent choice.

Now you can get IZC in two different sizes.

A 3 pound tub or a 7.5 pound bucket.

There are many different flavors. I’ve tried…

Pineapple Orange Banana (One of my favorites)
Creamy Vanilla (Kind of bland)
Dutch Chocolate (A bit too thick)
Alpine Punch (Surprisingly good)

My all time favorite though… has got to be strawberries and cream… (It really is tasty).

I was really skeptical of trying the Isopure strawberries and cream because back in the day when I used to take Myoplex…

That particular flavor tasted like melted throw-up (sorry to be so graphic but really……. This shit was gross).

Now the biggest downside to Isopure is the price.

It’s not as pricey as protein from grass fed cows which will set you back around $300 for a 7.5 pound bucket however.

I also highly recommend that you buy IZP from

The last time I slacked and ran out of protein powder before ordering it online…
I had to go to GNC and it set me back $74 for a 3 pound tub.

I’m going to try to never do that again!

Anyhow, here are a couple of links for you to go get your own tub or bucket of Isopure Zero Carb.

Amazon does free shipping on orders over $25 so you don’t have to worry about the extra charge like on other supplement selling websites.

Go ahead and go check it out…

Alright My Friend…

Till Next Time…

Take Care,
Steven J

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